Solutions for Biogas Treatment :

At Biovec, we identified a shortage of suppliers in Spain offering specific equipment for biogas treatment. Therefore, we decided to provide a specialized selection of these equipment to facilitate their acquisition by biogas plants.

Among our products and services, we highlight:


We manufacture custom observation viewports for digesters and tanks. These can be personalized with features such as ATEX lighting, water cleaning, and inlet or outlet ports for sampling.

Air Injection Desulfurization:

We provide customized equipment for desulfurization through controlled air injection into the digester, ensuring an efficient and safe process.

Activated Carbon Desulfurization:

We offer comprehensive installation, commissioning, and maintenance services for activated carbon desulfurization equipment, ensuring optimal removal of sulfides and other unwanted compounds.

Biological Desulfurization Equipment:

The biological desulfurization system is a process to remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from biogas through the activity of specialized microorganisms, such as desulfurizing bacteria.
The equipment is basically composed of two washing towers, an intermediate tank, and a soda dosing system.