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Welcome to biovec

BIOVEC is born with the objective of answering the current necessities of the energy market, in the renewable energies sector and specially in the valuation of biogas and biomass.
We are a team of experienced engineers providing services  and solutions for the valuation of resources (not waste) from farming, agriculture and food industries into biogas, as well  as the energetic valuation of biomass.
Our solutions cover all the stages of design and construction of the projects related to biogas and other areas of energetic valuation of renewable sources of energy.

Our services:

International consulting and energy studies

  • Energy studies and evaluations
  • Energy audits
  • Consulting, conferences and courses on biogas plants

Anaerobic digestion applied to agriculture and industry

  • Realization and evaluation of biogas national development plans
  • Studies of viability of biogas plants
  • Pre-projects and technical and economic evaluations
  • Complete engineering of biogas plants
  • Set-up, follow-up and consulting of substrates
  • Plants on turnkey basis
  • Consulting and purchase management of equipment for biogas plants

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